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Review~ Need by K. I. Lynn & N. Isabelle Blanco

Sometimes love happens at first sight, even when you’re at an age where you can’t comprehend what it means.

It was just a crush. They were only kids, after all. But what happens when that feeling never goes away?

Brayden and Kira have been neighbors for years, and best friends since they met. They have a connection that is evident to many, and it’s haunted them their whole lives.

Teenage hormones rage, turning their friendship into something neither can handle. The attraction is carnal, all-consuming, and it seems like it’s only a matter of time before Brayden loses control.

Everything slams to a halt when their single parents decide to get remarried . . . to each other. Bad decisions and broken friendships make living across the hall from the one person you want above all difficult. Luckily for Brayden, it’s only for a few months before he’s off to college in another state, leaving Kira to face high school alone.

Brayden tries to stay away, to forget her, but it’s an impossible task he fails at time and time again. Kira is morphing from a sexy teenager to an irresistible woman, one that knows what she wants and seems hell-bent on getting it.

As Kira’s eighteenth birthday approaches, Brayden has a decision to make. Does he keep running away from the thing he wants the most or does he run toward it?

Is it possible to ever be happy without the one person you need?



5 Star Review


 5 Fantastic Stars these two authors created an Epic tale of forbidden love..
I receive an ARC copy of  "Need (part1) by K. I. Lynn &  N. Isabelle Blanco"  for an honest review.
This is my 1st Novel by either of the wonderful Authors and I'm happy to say it will not be my last.

Need left me a emotional wreck.  Completely destroyed me. I wasn't sure if my heart was going to survive. One minute it would be pounding so hard then it would just STOP !   I have read several stepbrother romance stories and this one by far is my favorite.. 

I absolutely loved Brayden, and Kira heart wrenching  story.
To say I could feel Brayden and Kira's connection is an understatement.

10 year old Brayden's life changed forever upon meeting his new neighbors Ryan and his 7 year old little sister Kira who runs around in these little cat ears..
Brayden, Ryan, and Kira rapidly become the best of friend..   As the years pass Brayden and Kira friendship secretly develop into something much stronger.

I told myself I would never have a girlfriend, but f**k, it’s so obvious. Makes so much damn sense I want to slam my head into the wall for being such an idiot for years. Kira is it. The girl I’ve always wanted. The one I always told myself was nothing more than a friend even though I knew deep down that I wanted so much more with her. If any girl is going to be my girlfriend officially, it's going to be her.

After finally admitting to their feeling, they receive news that once again changes their lives forever.
Brayden's Father and Kira's mother are getting married.

 I finally kissed her and it was f**king perfection, what was supposed to be the first of many, and they’re taking it away. The one thing—one person—I want and they’re going to make her my stepsister. My sister. I feel sick. My head spins. The school, our friends, the world, will see us as siblings. She’s going to live in my house, her room across from mine, torturing me even more than she already does.

These two live in a world of constant torcher. Both wanting what is forbidden and having to try to come to terms with each being with another. They both know it has to be this way, but it doesn't make it hurt any less when Kira has to watch Brayden with other girls, and Brayden knowing that she is giving away the one thing that was suppose to be his... 

I loved so many things about this Brayden, Kira story, but most of all  I loved getting both point of  views. Also I think I would of went a little crazy without getting the Exclusive peek of "Take"...  So thank you so much for that.. 

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Cover Reveal Rendezvous by Arie Lane

Title: Rendezvous

Author: Arie Lane

Release Date: April 8th 2015

Cover Designed by: Christina Badder of CBB Productions

***WARNING*** This book is intended for 18+ due to strong language, violent scenarios, and sexual content.

This book is the completion to the book Tryst. It is NOT a standalone, and it DOES NOT end in a cliffhanger.

After having the love of his life walk away, Tristan is left with only one option, to find her and bring her home. He finds the help he needs in locating her from a most unexpected source. But no matter how much he wants her by his side, he knows she will never agree, so long as Darla is out there looking to destroy her.

Bentley has made some hard decisions in her life, but none harder than walking away from the one person she's come to love more than life itself. She knows Darla will never stop until one of them is dead. Having Tristan by her side just leaves him at risk, and gives Darla an extra piece of leverage to torment her with.

If you love someone, set them free. If they come back they're yours; if they don't they never were.

Richard Bach

What happens when you just can't let go? When you know without a doubt they belong with you, but will never come back?

Arie Lane is an avid reader and stay at home mom to two beautiful little boys. When not writing or chasing them around she is usually catching up with other Indie authors and constantly keeping up with new blogs.
She loves to connect with people and is proud that she finally had the courage to put some of her crazy thoughts into written words. From the time she started reading her nose was always stuck in a book and she's couldn't be happier that now she's encouraging others to get their noses stuck also. Even if her readers are of the +18 variety.

Cover Reveal: Saving Dancer

Cover Reveal Saving Dancer by Jordan Marie
Cover Reveal: Saving Dancer Author: Jordan Marie Genre: MC Releasing: March 2015 Cover Designer: Margreet Asselbergs - Cover Model: Justin Miller - Photographer: Shauna Kruse -     READY? ...     ...             dancercover
Carrie I’ve been in love with Jacob Blake since he picked me up in his strong arms. He held me close and promised me everything would be okay. I knew then, I had met the man who would own my heart forever. I was five years old. As the years went by, the need and longing for Jacob only increased—at least on my side. Jacob has never seen me as more than his kid sister’s best friend. I’ve spent my life chasing after Jacob and trying to make him see I’m more than just his sister’s little friend. I never dreamed that by trying to show Jacob how much I loved him, I would also destroy him. One night that held so much promise, but ultimately destroyed the man I love and broke him in so many pieces, that I don’t know if he can be mended back together. Jacob “Dancer” Blake I’m finally home. Out of the hell hole I had been trapped in since killing another man. With the thrust of my knife everything changed. That night I ended two lives, the scum who had been trying to rape my little sister’s friend... and my own. The other man got the easier out. I live and breathe in a hell I’ll never escape. My brothers look at me with pity in their eyes. It cuts my insides out. There’s trouble in the club, trouble all around us and I have to get my head straight. I have to be able to help them. Trouble is, I can’t even help myself. I just keep piling the mistakes up. Carrie just might be my biggest mistake yet. Now it’s another night that’s haunting me--a night that I keep repeating even if I shouldn’t. I’m so trapped in the darkness that I can’t stop myself from going back because she is light. She wants to save me. You can’t save something as lost as I am. I’m going to destroy her. I’ve warned her. Now I’ll show her.
dancerfullcover dancerteaser1 dancerteaser2  
ABOUT Jordan Marie
Jordan is a small town Kentucky girl whose life revolves around her husband and daughter. She's an avid reader who has always had the dream of letting others hear what the voices inside of her head had to say. She hopes you find them as entertaining as she does.  
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Cover Reveal * Pisces by Rachel Medhurst*

 Book Title: Pisces - A Zodiac Twin Flame Novel
Author Name: Rachel Medhurst
Release Date: 27th March 2015

Genre: Fantasy Romance
The bracelet around my wrist was a permanent reminder of my mission. The silver charm that was attached to the leather cord was stamped with my birth sign. Mission: Unite with my twin flame soulmate in this lifetime.

My brothers, sisters, and I were each named after the star sign we were born under. We knew that our soul purpose was to fall madly in love and battle through the obstacles that led to that true love.

Antony crept up on me and caught me unaware. He was nothing like I'd imagined my twin flame soulmate to be. When he started to run, I found that I had to give chase. I had to complete my mission.

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