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Release Blitz / Giveaway - Mercenary by Michelle Horst @michelleahorst

Title: Mercenary
Author: Michelle Horst
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Release Date: April 17, 2017



I’ve always been a healer, a saver of lives, until the day my life is taken from me. A drunk driver destroyed my life and got away with a slap on the wrist.

Where children used to be happy to see me, they now run from me.

I want him to pay, to suffer just like I’m suffering. I want him dead.

I used to be scared of my neighbor. But since the switch in me is flipped and I’ve become this monster, I’m drawn to him like a moth is drawn to a flame. He’ll burn me - just like the flame will turn the moth into nothing but ashes – and I’m okay with that as long as I get my revenge. 


I deal in death. Killer. Assassin. Mercenary. I go by many names.

I miss the smell of baking that used to come from her apartment. I see the hate festering in her eyes, killing the light that shone so bright. It lit the darkness in me.

I used to be a killer until that car hit her. It woke something in me, a need to save her. 

How does a wolf save a lamb without the darkness in him devouring the little light that’s left in her?

*** This is an over the top, insta-love, hot as hell HEA with a twist of kinkiness. HEA are always more satisfying when the characters have to fight for it. If you're looking for a jaw-dropping, panty-melting page turner then jump right in. This is a Standalone Novella with NO cheating. ***

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International bestselling author of Predator, The Monster Series and many others. She loves writing anything from Young Adult to Suspense Romance.

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Audio Book Tour - Inarticulate by Eden Summers @EdenSummers1

Audio Release Tour
Title: Inarticulate
Author: Eden Summers
Narrator: Maxine Mitchell

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He’s silent—but his touch speaks louder than words.

At first sight, Savannah is drawn to the harsh appeal of a man who refuses to talk to her. Keenan’s hard stare is arrogant and unapologetic. The quirk of his sensuous lips is cocky and in control.

But there’s more. There’s something deeper he’s trying to hide behind those steely grey eyes—a slight hint of vulnerability which captures her intrigue.

She’d been warned, told that his silence hides a myriad of lies capable of affecting her career and relationships with loved ones. Only she can't help herself. Testing Keenan's defenses is an addiction she can't deny.

Falling in lust is easy. Learning his secrets comes with a price. The cost? Her broken heart. 

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Reviews on Inarticulate

"Inarticulate combines masterful storytelling with raw passion and gut-wrenching emotion. Savannah and Keenan's story will have you hooked from page one. Bravo Eden Summers, this story is an absolute winner!" USA Today Bestselling Author, Stefanie London

"I was floored by this book and was anxious to find out what would happen next! It's that intense!" The Book Obsessed Momma

"Inarticulate is an amazing, jaw dropping and truly unique story. It's full of heart-stopping roller coasters of emotion and supersedes all of the author's other work by far." Megan - Riverina Romantics

"The blurb for Inarticulate intrigued me, and once I started reading it, through to when I reached the end, I was in love with Keenan and Savannah (Savvy)." Give Me Books

"The witty banter was plentiful. The suspense was exciting. And as always, the passion and chemistry between the main characters was intoxicating." Rosa, iScream Books

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Eden Summers is a bestselling author of contemporary romance with a side of sizzle and sarcasm.

She lives in Australia with a young family who are well aware she's circling the drain of insanity. Eden can't resist alpha dominance, dark features and sarcasm in her fictional heroes and loves a strong heroine who knows when to bite her tongue but also serves retribution with a feminine smile on her face. 



Re-Release Blitz - SWITCH by N.M. Catalano

SWITCH by N.M. Catalano
Publishing:  April 17, 2017 – No Pre-Order
Romantic Erotica Suspense

“Look out Christian Gray….make room for Marco! N.M. Catalano has brought eroticism (noun) the quality of being erotic, sexual desire or excitement!”
“WARNING !! This book is SERIOUSLY HOT ! One of the best erotic series I have ever read. You must read Stranger prior to reading Switch. Marco and Elizabeth are back in Switch and things just got a whole lot hotter.” “Look out Christian Gray….make room for Marco! N.M. Catalano has brought eroticism (noun) the quality of being erotic, sexual desire or excitement!”
Life can change in an instant.

Betrayal. Just like that everything I had built, my entire life, was falling apart. My world threatened to collapse from under me, everything was slipping through my hands, and it looked like there wasn’t a damn thing I could do to stop the destruction. I was going to lose everything but the worst part was, I was going to lose her.

A second chance.

Fate smiled down on me and gave me a second chance. And it was so much better than I could have ever imagined. He worshipped my body, he made me feel adored. Until that day. The day I found them, the day his skeletons came pouring out of that closet he thought was so well hidden. He made a huge mistake if he thought I was naive. It was time for me to take control.

Can he SWITCH to get it all back?

*Disclaimer: explicit sex scenes, intended for mature audiences. Be prepared to sweat and your heart rate to accelerate.

“The Flogger”
I focus in on the sounds of the tempo of the music, the different notes as if played on my bare flesh and it pulses inside of me, fast, slow, high, low and I’m riding it, soaring with it as Marco begins this newest experience of extreme pleasure. 
Take me, baby, I want to soar.
There is something gliding softly across my skin over my breasts and stomach, down my legs and over my sex making me clench and I hug the balls inside of me, oh, yes.  Again.  It begins to stroke me faster, up and down my body, then up, flicking my nipples, and then, FLICK on my sex nipping my clit.  The jolts spasm through my body as everything tenses and I grab onto the balls tightly inside my *****.  Ooooh, yes, I feel my orgasm building.  There’s a long moan.  I realize it’s coming from me.
‘Please, Marco, more,’ the words are chanting in my mind.
The licks across my skin are getting sharper, nipping, stroking, biting, all up and down me, on my breasts, then it bites my clit.
Yes!  Yes!  Yes!  My mind is screaming.  I’m so close.
Then nothing.  No movement, no sound, nothing except for the music and my heavy breathing.
“Please, Marco,” there is so much need in my voice.
“Are you ready to cum, baby?”  His voice is very raw and deep, not like I’ve ever heard him sound like before.
“Yes, please, now…”  My hands are grasping onto the straps, I’m trying to hold on, to what I’m not sure of.


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Blog Tour - Resisting My Submission by Jenna Jacob


They say first impressions mean everything. Either Maximus “Max” Gunn didn’t get the memo or he didn’t care. The gorgeous, muscle-bound Dominant’s assumption that I, Mistress Sammie, was a submissive set my blood boiling. I wanted to drive the toe of my coveted Louis Vuitton stilettos between his legs—and bring him to his knees. But anger wasn’t the only burning emotion Max ignited inside me. The potent sexual attraction we share threatened to burn me alive, too. Unwilling to cede our Dominance, the battle for control raged like a third world war, both in and out of the dungeon. It would take a coup d'├ętat for love to conquer our drive to command. But when Max learns the secrets of my past, and attempts to heal my scars, I don’t know if I’ll be able to still the battle…or fall willingly to my knees.
USA Today Bestselling Author Jenna Jacob's erotic romance comes from the heart of submission. With over twenty years’ experience in the dynamics of the BDSM lifestyle, Jenna strives to portray Dominance and submission with a passionate and comprehensive voice. Her stories will make you laugh, cry, and may leave you with a better understanding of the fulfillment found in the BDSM power exchange.
A married mom of four grown children, Jenna and her husband lives in Kansas. Her passions include her family, reading, camping, cooking, music, and riding Harleys. She loves to make people laugh with her outgoing and warped sense of humor. If you're looking for hot romance with a kinky twist, pick up one of Jenna's books.