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Release Day Blitz Josiah's Love and Justice, Volume one by Lucas X Black @lxblacktx

Title: Josiah's Love & Justice Volume 1: Four Slaves
Author: Lucas X Black
Genre: BDSM
Release Date: April 24th, 2016
Cover Design: Tiffany Huegele

Josiah Bailey is a successful attorney married to Molly, a physician specializing in sports medicine.  But that’s what they do to earn their livings, but not quite what they are in deeper places within.  Josiah has found a rather unique niche for himself and his interests in BDSM.  He works as a beadle, paid to punish and train slaves belonging to others, whose owners have difficulty doing so.

Trigger warning: Be advised this book has mature content, possible triggers, coarse language, and scenes of strict BDSM punishment, not suitable for under 18.

At his command, she offered her wrists to the cuffs dangling from the post, and felt her wrists bound once again.  In spite of her pain, Darla found herself wondering if she’d lost her mind or finally found it, finding herself wallowing in punishment and misery at her master’s decree and this evil beadle’s hand.  But she knew she was guilty of far more than Tim seemed to know about, and to be honest, things she prayed Tim would never learn she’d done.
But those thoughts were dispelled as the whip struck her anew, harsher than before, accompanied by Darla’s pained screech.  She howled again as the second lash of this punishment found her upper back, and then broke down sobbing as the lash struck her over and again, sparing her no mercy.  Eventually, the whipping ended.  For Darla’s part, it might have taken fourteen seconds, minutes, hours, or years.  She was absorbed in pain and shame and misery and in that span of time (in fact, only about three minutes) knew only pain and humiliation at the hands of the evil beadle her husband and master had brought into the game.

Lucas X. Black is a lifelong dominant living in southern Texas, where he is engaged as a full-time writer.  He is formerly a paramedic of many long years’ experience, and often incorporates that knowledge base into his writing.  Away from home, he enjoys spicy and exotic foods, loves to fish, and loves going to the movies.  In his home, behind the closed doors of his dungeon, he is a sadist and humorist, in love with eliciting a range of sensation and reaction from his oh, so willing victims …


#BlogTour Re-Inventing Love by Storm Grant + #Giveaway

Re-inventing love blog tour Reinventing Love Final Front Cover 3 28 2016 Full size 72 dpi
Engineer and assistant inventor Maximilian GrĂ¼n is in love with his employer, but he daren’t reveal the truth. It’s 1910 and if Canadian authorities learned of his homosexuality, they’d deport him back to Germany where the country of his birth would become the country of his death. When promising young inventor and mathematician Dr. Jasper Hamilton expresses his own feelings for Max, the young German regretfully declines. He cannot risk their partnership, their reputations—their very lives! Then a rival inventor sabotages their inventions. Jasper is caught between the physical and the metaphysical, reduced to atoms, and transported to the spirit plane! Max is devastated, deeply regretting his lost chances. But Jasper manages to communicate across the aether, telling Max he must reverse the machine’s polarity. But without Jasper’s talent for mathematics, the calculations defeat him. Can the would-be lovers bridge the gap between life and death to finally be together? Links to Buy: 
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Max trembled as Jasper’s calloused hands travelled firmly over his body, coming to rest on Max’s hips. Jasper tugged Max toward him the last inch or two. Max followed willingly. They pressed up against one another, the pressure so welcome, so satisfying, and yet, not satisfying at all. Jasper moved to Max’s ear, kissing and caressing, even nipping softly. Max shuddered, a wave of bliss coursing through him, foreshadowing pleasures to come. Jasper wedged his fingers between them at Max’s neck, unfastening the top button of Max’s shirt. He exposed the tiniest bit of throat, kissing and licking as he reached for another button. Max pulled away, panting and dizzy. “Let’s move to the divan,” Jasper whispered before taking Max’s earlobe between his teeth. “Yes,” Max agreed. Then, “No. No!” He yanked himself from Jasper’s embrace. “I can’t. We can’t.” His voice broke, and he stood, half bent, clutching his gut like a man in pain. He’d felt so complete in the circle of Jasper’s arms, safe, cherished. But at the same time, as if he were caught in a trap. How could he bear such conflicting emotions?
  Gina Grant
Author Bio Storm Grant writes engaging male/male fiction, more light than dark. Since 2007, Storm has published with MLR, Riptide, Amber Quill, Phaze, Torquere, and more. Her alter ego, Gina X. Grant, is represented by Rosemary Stimola, the agent who also represents the Hunger Games series. Check out Gina’s RELUCTANT REAPER trilogy, published by Simon and Schuster. “I’m a joiner,” says Storm. “Find me wherever fun people hang out.” That includes membership in the RWA, Sisters in Crime, SFWA, and Novelists Inc. She attends as many conferences as she can, including RainbowCon, GayRomLit, and NinC, plus many local sci-fi cons and writerly meet-ups. She’s a big fan of Kobo Writing Life’s gatherings and has shared designer pizza with the likes of Kevin J. Anderson, Joanna Penn, and Hugh Howey. Storm lives in Toronto, Canada, just blocks from the house she grew up in. She’s married to a friendly curmudgeon from a mining town in Northern Ontario, where he played hockey against Shania Twain’s brother. Storm and Mr. Grumpy have rescued many dogs and cats over the years, but are busy spoiling just one now. Storm loves to travel, spending time each winter in San Miguel de Allende, an artists community in the mountains of Mexico. This past fall, she and a buddy toured China where, yes, she did climb the Great Wall. Storm and Gina’s books are available at your favorite online booksellers. She can be found on all the cool social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter. These days Gina has joined the ranks of the authorpreneurs. “I’m a tri-brid author,” she says. “I’m traditionally published with a Big Five, e-published with several successful digital-first publishers, and now I’m indie-publishing my own books through my own company, Wit & Grit Co.” The company name is derived from the signature line Storm and Gina have shared for many years, because she really does write: “Quirky fiction that's pretty, witty and gritty.” EMAIL: / WEBSITE: / giveaway