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Re-Release Blitz Lives Entwined by Eve Newton

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Book Title: Lives Entwined
Author: Eve Newton
Publication Date: Nov. 23, 2014
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Alex Monaghan was doing great with his life until his new boss walked into it. Cassandra Bellingham was beautiful, young and successful, but little did he know she had another side to her that he couldn't understand and a mysterious, brooding lover, Rex, that he knew nothing about. He was drawn to her, as she was to him and even though she was forced to keep her secrets for a variety of personal and professional reasons, she remained torn between Rex and Alex. These two men who each gave her what she wanted, but in very different ways. As their involvement with each other got deeper, so did the twist. Love found and lost, a friend's betrayal, family with shady dealings, a housekeeper with a grudge and a broken man looking for his redemption but in the wrong place, sees six lives tangled together in an intricate web that nobody expected, and that changes all of their lives forever. Will it be for better or for worse? Contains scenes of light BDSM intended for mature readers only.

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Eve is a UK novelist with a passion for anything paranormal & erotic. She loves Louboutins, good wine, and of course, a good book! Eve has always loved to read, anything Paranormal catches her interest, and writing has always been a passion of hers, so she decided to take the plunge and combine the two into a series of Paranormal Erotica novels. Eve has loads more ideas churning around in her head and can't wait to get them down on paper (or screen!). There are currently twelve books in the Forever series published, including a short spin-off. Eve plans to keep writing the series to Book 15, with one more spin-off novella. Eve has also released two volumes of The Early Years Series, the first book out of three in a new Paranormal series - Demon Bound (Bound Series, Book One), Erotic Romance novel's Lives Entwined and The Art of Deception and a short Bound Series Prequel. She hopes you will enjoy reading her books as much as she enjoys writing them!

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Blog Tour Eternal Soulmate by Brooklyn Taylor

Eternal Soulmate
by Brooklyn Taylor
Blog Tour

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Ashlynn Ellis’ life was finally coming together. After a troubled childhood she had control of her life just the way she wanted.  She had her inner circle of trust consisting of McKoy and Grace who were her lifelong girlfriends which allowed her to keep the boundaries set. But an end-of-life journey for her estranged mother shakes Ashlynn’s distrusting self to the core, which unknowingly leads her to cross paths with her soulmate, Cooper Brooks. Ashlynn has never had a trusting man in her life nor did she want one. She has seen domestic abuse on the front line and can not let these memories go.
Cooper Brooks is a police officer and has seen domestic violence at its worse. As a child with a hard upbringing, he commits himself to his career. He does not have time in his life for a woman and he doesn’t care to look for one; that is until he meets Ashlynn Ellis.

Ashlynn and Cooper meet by what could only be orchestrated by a higher power, and for the first times in both of their lives realize love is something they are missing.   

Will Ashlynn trust Cooper and let her guard down for this man that worships her? Can Cooper convince her to trust him and embrace the love he wants to give her? Will Ashlynn lose her internal battle and let Cooper in? When someone from her past comes back to destroy her can she protect Cooper, the love of her life, before it’s too late to protect herself?  This a passionate love story between two people who were brought together by fate as soul mates made for each other. Is their destiny really meant to spend the rest of their lives together?  

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Cooper finally whispered to me as we are both breathing so heavy “I want you Ash, really bad.”

 I shook my head yes and he moved my thong to the side.  He started to touch me and oh my………. He started to rub my sensitive spot and I thought I might come just from his touch. What the hell am I going to do with him in me?

“You’re so wet for me Ashlynn, do you want me?”

“Hell yes, I want you. Can’t you tell?”

I reached for his button and saw he had already undone it and the zipper. When did he do that? Who the hell cares? He had on no underwear. I grabbed onto his manhood and guided him in me. I sat on him and moved slowly to get him into me all the way. He felt amazing and like how he was made for me. I stretched just enough for him. Ever since the first time we had made love, I craved his touch and the feeling of him being in me, completing me.

“You’re so tight, you feel so good, I hope I can last. I want you to be pleased first. If I start to hurt you I’ll stop. Don’t be shy with telling me baby. I plan on making love to you more times than we can count, so I am not going to get greedy.”


Author's Bio

I am a Texas girl, mother of 2 amazing kiddos and married to my gorgeous soulmate for almost 20 years. I have a full time job in the medical field. I love to spend my free time reading, being outside and playing with my family and 4 fur babies. I started to write at the instinct of ""hey maybe I can do that!"" I have enjoyed every step of the journey. I am blessed to have very supportive friends and family that make my like worth living!

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Book Blitz The Creek Series By Abbie St. Claire

The Creek Series
By Abbie St. Claire

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Broken Creek, Part One 

Secrets and lies of the creek... 
When escaping isn't enough... 
A woman whose past holds her hostage… 
A man who can’t let the past go… 
A favor that brings them together again… 

Pro fisherman, Stephan Hart let the best thing in his life get away. When Wrenn Cunningham ended their relationship, she was broken. He was shattered.

At age 17, Wrenn suffers a tragic event at the hands of her father in the barn on their property. When he dies, he takes their secret to his grave. To others, Wrenn’s small-town life in Arkansas might appear boring, but in reality, it’s far from easy. The daily physical and financial struggle to help her mother keep their ranch after her father’s untimely death begins to take a toll. Receiving a nursing school scholarship to a North Texas University means a chance to move away from her tiny existence and start over. It means a chance to leave her secret behind. 

If only life was that simple… Nightmares find you no matter where you are.

Forgiveness Creek, Part Two

Secrets and lies of the creek... 
When escaping isn't enough... 

Starting over means saying goodbye… 
Closure seems impossible… 
A chance meeting brings a fresh start in an unforeseen world, until tragedy strikes… 

Fate deals Wrenn an unexpected hand. With a shattered heart, she must find the courage to forgive and move forward because the life of another is now counting on her. Happiness seems out of reach until the day it was staring her down and daring her to empower herself.

Meeting Mr. Lawrence at the Cancer Center turned sadness into sunshine. She never anticipated that the ailing billionaire would come to mean the world to her in so many ways.

All is well until Dane Lawrence, the billionaire’s grandson gets Wrenn caught up in a deadly game of corporate espionage, where once again Wrenn is involved in a tragic event in the same barn that changed her life when she was just 17 years old. 

This time, the nightmares consume her.

Redemption Creek, Part Three 

Secrets and lies of the creek... 
When escaping isn't enough. 

Never underestimate the power of a woman… 
Money can’t buy every girl in town… 
Nice guys finish last…sometimes. 

Between trying to sell the company and fixing his private life, Dane Lawrence underestimates Wrenn’s stubborn streak and seeks out the help of his grandfather. Little does he know, he’s being seriously played, but by whom?

Wrenn fights her attackers with everything she’s got and she’s grateful that Stephan taught her to shoot, but there were bullets that even she didn’t see coming.

When the nightmare’s return, Wrenn’s physical health in in serious danger. Dane whisks her off to France to save her from herself. Can Wrenn finally put the pieces of her life together and find the redemption she deserves?

I've spent many years crafting stories in my brain. Finally, after the encouragement from those that love and support me the most, I put my first story out by self-publishing in 2013.

That first milestone created a writing monster in me that couldn't be stopped and filled a void I cannot explain. Each story is a true gift from my heart and a sacrifice from my soul, since I find it difficult to let the characters go.

At home in Texas, my husband and I share our life with children that mean the world to us and include a couple of fur babies. When we aren't busy watching sports and betting on the game, we are entertaining with friends.

I do have a writing cave, but honestly, most of my work comes from the kitchen, the heartbeat of any home. Since noise doesn't disturb me too much when writing, I can write and keep the pulse on the family at the same time. And... Possibly enjoy my favorite, sinful treat... Cookie dough!

The writer-reader world is my lifeline. I'm addicted and each time I get a message from a reader, I'm thrilled. There's quite a few stories planned for the next several months. I'm hoping the readers fall in love with my next series, The Creek Series. A story that is guaranteed to bring out all the emotions.

If you've read my books, thank you! It truly means the world.

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Release Blitz A Complicated Love by D.M. Midgley

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Book: A Complicated Love
Series: Complicated Love Series #1
Author: D.M. MIDGLEY
Genre: Contemporary 
Cover Designed: Swish Graphics 


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My name is Annabelle and my life was running smoothly until I recently lost my job. My only form of income. It may have been a rubbish position, but I needed it. Now I’m feeling down on my luck, not only in my career but also in my relationships. Things just can’t seem to go my way. That is, until I meet the intoxicating Mr. Lynn.

He’s sexy, kind, caring and makes me feel alive from one single touch. The only problem… he’s the owner of Lynn Publishing and my new boss!

Love is never easy and never goes to plan. People get in the way, and a form of heartbreak could inevitably end up making everything I know into a complicated love.

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It’s November and I’m walking through London in the pouring rain. My umbrella has broken so I’m freezing and dripping wet, but I really need to get a job. I’m currently living with my best friend, Tracy Campbell and even though she’s my best friend, she is driving me sort of crazy. Don’t get me wrong, I love her to bits. But Tracy is the complete opposite of me. She is wild, loves to party and is always trying to entice me out to clubs with her. Me, I like to spend my nights curled up on my couch, drinking hot chocolate with a good book. I’ve always dreamed of meeting ‘the one’ and have him sweep me off my feet… marry in a beautiful church, have beautiful children and live together in a lovely house outside London, where we can grow old together.
I think we all dream of that. At the moment, my life isn’t going exactly how I planned. My love life is a car crash. I’ve had boyfriends that have never worked out and I’m beginning to think it’s me.
What is wrong with me? Why can’t I find the perfect man?
Anyway, I haven’t really introduced myself so let’s go back a bit. I’m Annabelle Connor and I’m twenty-three-years-old. I’ve not had the best start in life. My mum and dad were killed in a car accident when I was nine-years-old. They went out that fateful night for a charity fundraiser. My parents were big on helping charities and went to quite a few fundraisers throughout the years. That night I stayed with my Aunt Sylvia and it was the hardest night of my life. I woke up to loud banging coming from the front door. I quietly crept toward the staircase and peered over the brown polished banister. My aunt was at the door, but I couldn’t see who was on the other side of her. Suddenly she started crying and I mean really crying. I ran down the stairs as quickly as I could. Two police officers were at the door and as I glanced at them their eyes were tight and their expressions showed concerned. I didn’t know what was going on. After the police officers had left, Aunt Sylvia took me into the living room and sat me down next to her on the sofa, where she told me about the events of that night.
My parents were dead.
In one night, my life as I had known it had changed forever. They died in a car accident, and it was all because of a drunk driver, who was driving at night with no headlights on. I was totally crushed. I couldn’t believe I wasn’t going to see my parents ever again.
How could the world be so cruel?
I moved in with my Aunt Sylvia and she has been my rock. The one person that I can go to about anything. She continued to look after me until I went to college. This is where I met Tracy and when I made the decision to move out. Even though Aunt Sylvia had been good to me, I needed my own space. I moved into Tracy’s two-bedroom apartment with en-suites, I might add! I had a crappy job working in McDonalds at the time, but it was helping me pay the rent. Things were going well until I got fired! I mean who gets fired for telling their boss to “fuck off.” I’d been late on numerous occasions and this one day he called me to his office and advised me that I needed to start being punctual. He also told me that my work wasn’t up to scratch. He just started rattling off all my faults one after the other. When I swore at him, I think that was the last straw because before I knew it, I was being escorted from the premises. I didn’t care. I never really liked the job anyway.
Aunt Sylvia was paying my rent and utilities while I was jobless, so this was why I needed a job badly. Aunt Sylvia had never even tried to coax me back home, but instead insisted on covering my expenses. It was great when I finally came across the perfect job as a PA at Lynn Publishing, but never did I imagine that I would fall in love with my boss and owner of the company, Joshua Lynn.
This is my story.

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About The Author

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She lives in England, UK and is married with two children. At the moment she is a stay at home mum whilst her son is still at nursery.

She has been a blogger for about a year and a half and use to admin for Magic Within The Pages but in January 2015 she decided to go it alone and set up her own page called Late Night Books and Reviews. She loves helping out authors and is really enjoying promoting them on her page. Also she beta reads for a couple of authors and is always happy doing their reviews.

She loves reading and remembers her first book read on her kindle was Little Women and as a kid she loved reading Disney stories, her favourite was peter Pan.

The idea for her debut novel, A Complicated Love came about rather abruptly one night in a dream. she wasn't sure whether she could get it down on paper; however with much needed support by her author friends she has gained motivation and confidence to write her novel, This has greatly helped her inspiration and self-belief to grow.

You can follow her on facebook and keep up to date with the latest information about A Complicated Love, out April 17th 2015 and all future projects.

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