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Cover Reveal Nerdy Girl Nation by Lindsey Gray

Title: Nerdy Girl Nation (Nerdy Girl Novels #1)
Author: Lindsey Gray
Expected Release Date: October 8th, 2015
Available Formats: Print and eBook
Cover Design by T.M. Franklin

Who knew the girl who spent most of her Saturday nights watching Doctor Who marathons with her best friend would end up becoming a reality television star? Not Emma MacLean.

Emma tried to leave the nerdy girl behind as the Vice President of Operations for billionaire venture capitalist, Terrance Hunt, on the hit show Hunt for Life. When double tragedies occur on the same day, Emma is out of a job, but the cameras and a nation of fans continue to follow her.

Rob "Bobby" Breyer lived and breathed the professional wrestling circuit for five years. Rob happens to be a devoted Hunt for Life fan due to a chance meeting with Emma while in high school. When he reaches out to Emma in her time of crisis, he never imagines how much it will change his life.

After twelve years, their attraction still sizzles and this time, Rob's not letting Emma get away. As the cameras roll, Emma's new career and Rob's quest for glory are in the spotlight. When the heat is on, they'll need all the support they can get from the Nerdy Girl Nation.

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Exclusive Excerpt

"Seven AM looks good on you," Rob remarked when he sat down in the stylist chair next to Emma.
"Thanks," Emma snorted. She wore a hoodie with her favorite pair of worn jeans and a purple tee shirt with Bazinga printed across the front. With little sleep and even less time, she threw her hair up into a messy bun. Along with her black framed glasses, she seemed more like a nerdy teenager than a sophisticated reality star.
“I just wanted to say sorry about the question the other night. I really wasn’t meaning to stir anything up with Big Bobby. Bill is a good friend and I have a lot of respect for him.” Emma gave the entire speech while playing with her hoodie strings and avoiding eye contact with everyone in the room.
“You know Bill?” Rob asked.
“Um, yeah.” She glanced up to see the confusion on Rob’s face. “He owns a gym in LA. I’ve been training there for about five years.”
“So, Harry really wasn’t kidding when he said you have skills in the ring?”
“Bill seems to think I’m pretty good. I just do it for me mostly. It’s hard enough going into the ring in a skirt and heels. I don’t think I could do it in the scraps of material the Bombshells do.”
They both turned when the door opened and saw their photographer, Gwen, approaching.
Rob leaned in close enough to whisper. “We will talk about this later.”
"You two ready to do this?" Gwen asked when she approached them.
Emma leaned in to check herself out in the mirror. "Might take a couple of hours and several layers of makeup. Hope you cleared your schedule."
Gwen laughed along with Rob. "Don't worry. Angela has everything she needs to get you together. Tom is getting your suit, Rob. Make yourselves comfortable." Gwen patted both of their shoulders and left to set up her equipment for the photo shoot.
"I need coffee to get comfortable," Emma moaned while she rubbed her temples.
"Lucky for you, I picked some up on my way over." Rob held out a large to go cup of coffee to her.
She turned and accepted the drink with a smile. "Thanks."
One sip of the warm, rich liquid calmed her nerves.
"Ahhhh. I didn't drink any this morning. I could kiss you for this."
"I wouldn't be opposed to kissing you. I’d kiss you even with coffee breath."
She turned to Rob and took in his smile with his dimpled, unshaven cheeks. Beyond him, she saw the camera lens. The early hour and his alluring blue eyes made her forget millions of people would eventually see their exchange.
"Not today, big boy." She attempted to laugh it off.
"That's not never." He winked at her.
I’m so screwed.

About the Author

 Lindsey Gray typed her first complete novel at the age of twelve and dreamed of making her writing into a career. When her eighth grade class wrote a twenty year reunion story, casting her as a mystery novelist, she wasn't sure she could make it a reality. After years of writing off and on, she decided to make a go of it. In December of 2010 she finally made her dream come true with her first published novel, Lies Inside. Five years and thousands of written words later, Lindsey is about to release her seventh published work, Nerdy Girl Nation.

When Lindsey takes a break from writing, she spends time with her husband of thirteen years and their two children, reading all kinds of romance novels, and hosting her own weekly radio show, Gray Matters, on TMV Cafe Internet Radio.

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Release Blitz Reapers and Bastards by Joanna Wylde

.reapers and bastards.png

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From the New York Times bestselling author of the Reapers Motorcycle Club and Silver Valley series comes an anthology of extras and never-before-released material, including a new short story featuring fan favorites Horse and Marie.

Charming Bastard: A Novella
I first met Riley Boone when I was four years old. We moved to Callup, Idaho after my dad blew out his back and had to go on disability. Boonie’s family lived next to ours. Every afternoon he’d swagger off the school bus after kindergarten like a conquering king. For the first week he ignored me, until I impressed him by climbing nearly thirty feet up in the tree behind his trailer. They had to call the fire department to get me down, but it was worth it to see the respect in his five-year-old eyes. He gave me a worm in honor of my accomplishment. I fell in love. The next day he made me eat the worm and our relationship has been complicated ever since.

(Until now, this novella has been exclusively available in the paperback edition of Silver Bastard.)

Sticky Sweet: A Short Story
Horse and Marie met for the first time in Reaper’s Property. Now experience this moment through his eyes. (Originally available on the author’s website.)

NEW Skunked: A Short Story
Marie has some BIG news to share with Horse—news that will change both their lives forever….

NEW Sugar and Spice: A Short Story
A prequel to Reaper’s Fall, this story features Painter and Melanie’s first meeting.

PLUS: Becca’s Huckleberry Pie recipe, Marie’s Bread recipe and Emergency Skunk Cleaning recipe.

reapers and bastards teaser.jpg

I passed through the living room and started down the hallway toward the kitchen.
“Babe, you in here?”
“In the back,” she replied, her voice faint. Entering the kitchen, I knew something was wrong as soon as I saw her face. Her eyes were red and puffy, and she seemed out of it—almost dazed.
“What the fuck’s going on?” I asked. She jumped, looking toward me with something like fear in her expression. Jesus, had someone hurt her? A burst of adrenaline rushed through me—nobody touched my woman. I’d fucking kill them. She didn’t say anything, though. “Marie?”
She shook herself, almost as if she needed to wake up.
“Sorry, I was sort of lost in my thoughts.”
“What’s going on?”
She stared at me for several seconds, her mouth tight.
“We need to talk.”
Great—words every man loves to hear. So much for my “welcome home” blow job.
“About what?” I asked warily.
“Sit down,” she murmured, glancing away from me. “You want a beer?”
Up to that point, a beer had been damned high on my list of priorities. Now? Not so much. I pulled out a chair at the big wooden block that served as our kitchen table and sat down with a thump, leaning back. Then I crossed my arms over my chest.
“So let’s talk,” I told her, forcing myself to stay patient. Marie swallowed, then reached for the cup of tea sitting on the block in front of her, taking a nervous sip.
“Okay, so here goes,” she said quietly, refusing to look at me. “We’ve got some big changes ahead of us. You need to remember that it just happened, babe. It’s not like I did it on purpose. Please remember that.”

reapers and bastards teaser 2.jpg
About the Author:
joanna wylde.jpg
Joanna Wylde is a New York Times bestselling author and creator of the Reapers Motorcycle Club series. She currently lives in Idaho.

Stalk Her: Website | Facebook | Twitter |  Goodreads

Galley Copy of Reaper’s Fall
(Releasing November 10th)

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