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Christy's Review ✰ ✰ Descent From Grace-A Luxe Novel by H.Q. Frost

 ✰ ✰ Descent From Grace- A Luxe Novel ✰ ✰
✰ ✰  by Author  H.Q. Frost  ✰ ✰
This novella follows the aftermath from the novel Destructive Gods and explores the descent from the bliss the Caribbean left our main characters in. Ready to plan out an unconventional future, Ian starts rushing a unfeasible destiny that not even Lily can see.
Lily's unexpected moodiness brings about more questions than answers for everyone and Ian begins to see his prospects slipping away. When questions are answered, the results promise devastation, plummeting them both from grace.
Life at Luxe begins to pick up for Lily, introducing her to a world she'd never imagined. When a new, high profile client suddenly starts offering her more than money, she's left denying feelings that are more than she bargained for when starting her job as an escort.

This work of fiction is intended for a mature audience only. Do not purchase if descriptive sexual situations, explicit language, and mature circumstances offends you.

    My 5 Star Review: Descent From Grace
A Luxe Novel by H.Q. Frost

Descent From Grace- A Luxe Novel (Book 1.5)
Descent From Grace- A Luxe Novel by H.Q. Frost
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5 Unbelievably HOT STARS..
I was lucky enough to receive an ARC copy of Descent From Grace (A Luxe Novel)by author HQ Frost I fell in head over heals for Ian and Lilith and their completely messed up lives in Destructive God. I sat not so patiently waiting with a twitching foot wondering what these two had in store for us. Let me just say this you will not be disappointed..

I loved every twisted minute of Descent From Grace. HQ Frost is absolutely amazing.. It is so refreshing to read something that's not the same old thing. There is no predicting what will happen next. Because you just don't know and that makes it all the more thrilling.

We get to meet some new people in Descent from Grace. The hot shot tattooed attorney Justin whom I have developed a secret crush on. "Maybe more than a crush" I love his character. Justin has weaseled his way in to being one of my favorite characters in this series..

Ian, I love him , but I want to just knock him upside the head sometimes for being the fool he is. Same for Lilith for putting up with it and agree to his arrangement.

The hot cop Shaun is fixing to come to the states to visit Lilith and Ian is not happy about it at all, but not much he can say..

Karen Ian's girlfriend is still a pain in the butt, but Ian still feels some sort of misplaced love for her.

If you are looking for Hearts and Flowers this is not the book for you if you thrive for that Happy Ever After it might not be the one you want.. This is Twisted AT IT'S BEST... If you are a fan of Ker Dukey and DH Sidebottom, Ella James, Clarisse Wild then you will fall in love with HQ Frost as well.....

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My 5 Star Review:

Destructive Gods-A Luxe Novel (Book 1)Destructive Gods-A Luxe Novel by H.Q. Frost
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Bravo *****
What a great Debut novel by H.q Frost. Is was absolutely fabulous. This story sucks you right in, it was so much more than I expected.

What I loved the most about this book is you get to see things through all the characters eyes. You know what all party's involved are thinking, and going through, and yet your still on the edge of your seat wondering what is going to happen next.
Destructive Gods is most definitely a page turner. I could not put it down. I absolutely loved this book !

Lilith has not had an easy life. Tragedy started when her mom ran off. Her father became an alcoholic, then liver cancer took over.
Lilith is young, beautiful, quite, somewhat shy, reserved, her clothes are outdated, she wears no make up and very inexperienced and naïve when it comes to men, sex or the real world.

Sloan (Lilith boyfriend) is much older, manipulating, very controlling, demanding, and treats Lilith like a child.
Lilith moved in with Sloan little over 10 months ago. They got together shortly after she started working part time for him while going to school. He is her first and only boyfriend she has ever had and She loves him because he takes care of her in a fatherly way. For Sloan he just wants complete control over her. What she wares, what she eats, when she goes to bed he even tucks her in. Lilith soon realizes she loves Sloan but has never been in love with him. She sees him more of a father figure than a boyfriend.

Excerpts ~ Sloan
He cautiously approached her desk, planning his words carefully. “Sweetheart, I don’t know what it is, but since last night you’ve been divergent.” He knelt at her side and placed his hand gingerly on her leg. “You just sexually attacked me while we kneeled before your desk. Is there something upsetting you?” Those words turned her stomach: ‘sexually attacked’. Lacking vivaciousness in a relationship hardly gave just cause to calling her attempt at a spark a sexual attack. “Maybe it’s my time of the month.” The sweetest, most fake tone she could muster backed her words, and her blank stare settled on her boyfriend’s face. “I’m sorry I’ve been acting so strangely.” That was the second she realized she was never in love with him. She loved him because he took care of her in a sick, fatherly type of way, showing some semblance of love for her. But in love? The excited butterflies and nervous giggles; she’d never experienced that for Sloan. “Would you like to go home and take a rest?”

Ian is a is rich, good looking and is currently in a relationship with Karen who is constantly screaming suicide for attention. They have a history together and Ian fears change, even though he is pretty sure she is cheating.
He has an older twin sister who I absolutely love. She is fun, witty and let a little on the wild side.

You can definitely feel the connection between Lilith and Ian. It's there it's strong and it's hot as hell !!! The first time Lilith see Ian she feels drawn to him. He awakens every part of her. 
Ian feels this connection to her he can not explain he has never felt this way before. The magnetic pull is just to great to try and fight.

Meeting Ian completely changes her life. She changed they way she dresses, the way she talks, she is doing things she never dreamed she would do. She finds herself falling in love with Ian, but afraid of the complications change will bring. Ian loves her too but he is not willing to admit it to her or leave his girlfriend because Karen is a safe bet. He does not want to be alone. He is afraid of the love he has for Lilith. She has the ability to destroy him.

Excerpts Ian
And why the fuck can’t I just break up with Karen? I suppose it’s the fear that Lily and I won’t work out, but I’d pretty much do anything for that girl. I just don’t think the feelings are mutual. I know she likes me, but I think she’s starting to see she likes a lot of things, and I only introduced her to them. You’re only in school with your teacher for nine months and then you move on. That’ll be the relationship we have. I glance up and see her sleeping on the couch with her hands tucked to her cheek and her lips parted only a little, showing she’s at peace in drunken slumber. I want to sit by her side and stare at her while caressing her silky skin until she wakes up. I know it’s fucking weird, and I’ve never done that before, but this girl is like watching a mythological creature. Yes, I’m comparing her to a fucking unicorn. I think I’m going insane thanks to this girl.

Ian and Lilith will take you on an adventure full of love, lust, laughter and heartache.
This Is A Must Read !!!

Cover Reveal Contrite by Author Kathy Coopmans

Contrite by Author Kathy Coopmans
Release Date- April 6th

Pre-order CONTRITE for an early price of 2.99. On release day the price will be 3.99.

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Contrite teaser1.jpg

What happens when the man you’re married to isn’t the man you married anymore? Clove Calloway knows within an hour of picking up her husband Turner from the airport that something is different. Yet she can't pinpoint what. Together since college, they know everything about each other. So why has she spent the last few days watching everything he does, hoping for a clue?
What could have happened within that week he was gone?

One way or another she's going to find out.

When Clove ene
enlists in the help of her brother Zack, a police detective, she’s afraid her suspicions of infidelity will be confirmed. Terrified that such news will crush her heart, she sets about preparing for the worst.

Only to find it's much more than she could have imagined—there is no other woman.

Clove’s life is about to descend into a web of deceit, lies and betrayal.

Appearances can be deceiving… and only the Master Manipulator will be left standing.

“The eyes only see what the mind is prepared to comprehend.” – Henri Bergson

Author Links:

@authorkcoopmans for twitter and tsu

Cover design by Sommer Stein

Photographer- Kelsey Keeton of K. Keeton Designs

Cover model Tessi Le'Anne

Cover model Nathan Weller

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Release Blitz DANTE'S REDEMPTION by Jamie Whitley

DRBanner   DR   ea4a1-add2bto2bgoodreads  
6c0d2-synopsisDante Santoro knew he was destined for great things. Growing up with two dead beat parents, Dante was forced to become an adult before his time. Deciding to change the world, Dante distanced himself from the only life he knew, the life of drugs and crime.
After going through school and training, Dante became a detective in the local police force. Keeping focused on getting drugs off the streets, he limited friends and outside connections. Finding himself the perfect candidate to go undercover, he never anticipated the one person he thought was safe could jeopardize it all. Will Dante be able to succeed at making the streets a safer place or will his destiny alter the course of the life he lives forever?


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DRTeaser2   9d0d2-about2bthe2bauthor  
Jaime Nicole Whitley is a wife and a stay at home mom to her two children. She grew up in New Jersey where she continued her education and became a medical assistant. She now lives in North Carolina where her husband is stationed with the Army. Jaime also co-writes novels under the name Lena Nicole.
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Release Blitz * All your Reasons by Nina Levine

Available Now

All Your Reasons
by Nina Levine

Release Date: March 2nd 

The first book in Nina Levine's NEW rockstar series!


When heartbreaker meets ball breaker, sparks will fly.
Rockstar, Jett Vaughn, isn’t against settling down, but no

woman has ever held his attention long enough for a

 relationship to develop.

That is until he meets Presley Hart.

She’s confident, opinionated and headstrong.

She drives him to the edge of crazy, but he can’t deny

how she makes him feel.
He wants her heart, but she only wants his body.
Presley’s not against giving her heart to a man, but

 she has too many reasons why he’s not the one to give it to.
Jett isn’t a man who will take no for an answer though.

He’s about to declare war on her reasons and take what he wants.

ONLY 99c


He slowly moves his face away from mine and drinks some of his drink.  As he places the glass back on the bar, he says, “I’m Jett.”


A smile tugs at his lips.  “Your parents are Elvis fans?”  

“My mother is and my father is blinded by love.  She could have called me Elvis and he wouldn’t have blinked.”

This inspires a laugh out of him.  “Your parents are still happily married?”

“Yeah, go figure.  How many marriages do you know of that are still going strong after thirty years?”

His eyes twinkle.  “My parents are still happy after thirty-five years.  I guess you and I are like some weird science experiment.  It kinda sucks, really.”

Frowning, I ask, “Why?”

He throws the rest of his drink back, his eyes still twinkling.  “When you don’t come from a fucked-up family, you can hardly blame your issues on your parents, can you?  Nope, you and me, we have to own our fucking issues.”

I burst out laughing.  “You are so right.  Shit, pass me my drink, I can’t cope with this knowledge.”

Shaking his head, he holds my drink away from me.  “Bad idea, sweetheart.  You have no one to blame your alcoholism on except yourself.  I suggest you give up alcohol straight away and find a new vice that’s not as socially unacceptable as alcohol addiction.”

Oh, this is fun.  I raise my eyebrows.  “What do you suggest?”

He doesn’t even hesitate.  “Sex addiction.  Take that shit up.  Much easier to hide from public view.  And a lot more fucking fun than dealing with hangovers.”

“I wouldn’t know the first thing about taking that up.  You think you could help me with that?”

He pulls a face like it’s the hardest question he’s ever been asked.  Nodding, he says, “Sure.  You want to get started now?”

My core clenches at the thought, and I lean into him and say, “You’ve no idea how much I want to get started on that now, Jett.”

He sucks in a breath, and his hand curls around my neck.  “You sure?  Because once I’m finished with you, you’re going to have an addiction that will be hard to kick.”





Available to Purchase Ebook/PaperbackCLICK HERE

                ABOUT NINA LEVINE

USA Today Bestselling Author Nina Levine, is an Aussie author who writes stories about hot, alpha men and the tough, independent women they love.
When she isn't creating with words, she loves to create with paint and paper. Often though, she can be found curled up with a good book and some chocolate.