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Release Blitz Ready, Willing and Abel by Sarah O'Rourke

Title: Ready, Willing and Abel
Series: Passion in Paradise: The Men of the McKinnon Sisters
Author: Sarah O'Rourke
Genre: Erotic Romance Comedy
Release Date: October 13, 2015
 Patience McKinnon has never even tried to live up to her unfortunate name. Her sisters would gladly point out that she’s impetuous, fickle, and stubborn to a fault. History has taught her that she’s the only one, besides those crazy sisters, that has her best interests at heart...and she’s not about to let down her guard and let herself get hurt. She did that once...and that was more than enough. Next time, she’s fairly certain that she’d rather just shoot first and ask questions later, thank you very much!
Enter Abel Turner. The suave town attorney has had Patience McKinnon in his sights for years. Sure, he strayed along the way, but he’s always come back to the beautiful blonde bartender that fills his dreams and drives him crazy at the same time. After all, he owes her...and he plans to rectify the bad impression he made in the past with a humdinger of a sensual night. But that one night may just change both of their worlds...forever. Will Patience overcome her insecurities? And will Abel ever convince her to trust him again? Join the entire town of Paradise and the intrepid McKinnon sisters in this humorous and poignant erotica romance! Standalone.
“Sarah O'Rourke is FAST becoming a favorite of mine!!! Definitely a one-clicker!!!....This book was beyond hilarious!! I laughed out loud soooo many times with the things that would come out of Patience and her sisters' mouths!” ~ Author Groupies
“I REALLY LOVED the characters, and I laughed out loud A LOT! They were just HILARIOUS!!! I also swooned really hard for Abel. He is the perfect combination of sexy alpha, brains, and sweetness.” ~ Not Your Mama’s Romance
“Sweetheart,” Abel murmured quietly, his eyes soft on her face, “Your mouth might still be able to lie, but your body can’t. You want me, too. The truth is in those swollen lips and flushed cheeks. And if those little tells weren’t enough to convince me, those hard little nipples of yours would,” he added as his eyes drifted from her face to her breasts.  

Patience shifted against him as she felt his eyes hone in on her tightened peaks.  Damn it, she’d known she should have worn a padded bra tonight, she silently chastised herself.

“And I’m betting,” Abel drawled slowly, dropping his hand on her ass to the hem of her short dress, “that if move my hand up just a few inches to your panties, I’m gonna find ‘em drenched.”

Patience gasped as she felt his thumb tease the skin on the back of her thigh. “Abel…” she breathed, her voice sounding faint to her own ears.

“Should I check, Angel? Should I lift this sexy, but positively indecent dress and investigate whether your pussy is just as wet as I think it is?” he asked huskily, his lips ghosting over her cheek as he spoke as his thumb inched just a little higher up her thigh.
Catching his wrist when it would have scooted the silky material of her dress up her leg another inch, Patience’s eyes narrowed. “What the hell are you doin’, Abel?” she asked in a low voice. She knew by the glint in his eyes that the man had a plan… a devious, wicked agenda. She just wasn’t sure she wanted any part of it. “Just because you can get my body hot and bothered doesn’t mean that my mind is on board with the way you’re acting. I can handle my own body’s needs with ten minutes and my vibrator. Your assistance is neither appreciated nor needed.”
Gasping when Abel’s lips found the hollow between her neck and shoulder, she shivered when his tongue found the sensitive flesh. “I notice you didn’t say that you’d walk back out to the party and find a willing stud. Curious, isn’t it? See, I know you don’t want any of those assholes. You don’t even want your battery boyfriend. You want me, Patience. And that want isn’t going away for either of us. I’m not gonna lie and say I understand it. I just know the attraction is there.  For both of us. We’re both consenting adults, and trust me when I tell you that I can explore places that vibrator just can’t reach. Relax, take down the wall between us, and let this happen. Let’s explore this pull we have between us. It’s time,” she heard him murmur against her neck. “Give me this and I swear, you won’t regret it.”
Sarah O'Rourke is the alter ego of two best friends who have taken their passion for romantic fiction and erotica to the publishing world. Born and raised in the southern United States, one lives near Louisville, KY, while the other resides in Atlanta, Georgia. Neither is ever very far from a tall glass of sweet iced tea, their dog-eared copies of Gone With the Wind, or their Steel Magnolias DVDs!

Formerly an accountant and a chemist, they are now overworked, stay-at-home moms who adore their children, their husbands...and writing about love in every way possible!
“4 stars! This book has excitement, romance and sexiness! I loved this boxed duo, it was easy to read and the story was exciting to read!!” ~ Alpha Book Club
“Both stories are well written, steamy, and poignant. I could not put them down and finished them in a day.” ~ Books and Bindings
“I enjoyed this book and am looking forward to the next one about Patience, the second oldest sister, and the spitfire of them all. I think that book will have me laughing like crazy. Good series and detail. The character's were well developed.” ~ Ab Fab Book Blog

Release Blitz MC Pres by L. Ann Marie

Release Blitz
Title: MC: PRES
Author: L. ANN MARIE
Genre: MC (MFM)
Release Date: October 12, 2015
Published by Beau Coup Publishing

  Ben James was groomed to become a new kind of MC President. He understands the way people think and stays a step ahead in the ever changing world his MC is building. Maintaining the ‘clean’ community they’re building for their families is not easy. Every Club and gang wants either a piece of their businesses or to sell within their town. When things start moving in the right direction his wife leaves him for a more exciting life of Club mayhem and destruction. She misses the way it used to be. Ben raises his son with the help of his Brothers but misses sharing his life with a partner. Danny has become one of his closest Brothers, he has an idea and puts a plan in motion to get the one thing he’s missing in his life, a partner. His relationship with Kate is solid but they both want more. Pres is just the kind of guy that can handle Danny’s unassuming but charismatic nature and match him in honor, respect and loyalty. Adding a partner to an established couple isn’t easy. Jealousy, expectations and the potential to ruin what’s already in place is the price adding that partner comes with. Danny is willing to do whatever it takes to make and keep Kate happy, even if it’s pulling the plug on Pres and the idea of a third in the bedroom and in their life.  



A former account executive, mother of three and grand mother of two. L.Ann lives in central USA where she found herself unemployed and having too much time on her hands. She decided to spend some time going back to her first love, writing. An avid reader herself she found stories floating around in her head that were just waiting to be written and thought she would test the waters.
"I am brand new to the author world. I found writing stories a good way to spend my time. When I found people actually reading them I wrote more. Now I'm trying to learn about marketing, pages, and review based sales...eeeks. I like writing better!" 

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Cover Reveal Surviving You by Dawn A Keane

Title: Surviving You 
Series: Shameless Series Book 2
Genre: Dark Suspenseful Thriller
Author: Dawn A. Keane
Release Date: November 21, 2015
Cover Designer: MGBookcovers
Art Work: Dmb art


 photo Ebook_zpsgzsp1uss.jpg

"Thou shalt take the boy out of Manchester, but you cannot take Manchester out of the boy." Lee – I’m a killer, a hardened criminal born into the underbelly of an unlawful world that my father crafted, and I am to be crowned the next King. I used to covet the dark; it has forever been my friend and forgives me my sins. A slither of light has dared me to hope, it has my house of cards tumbling all around me. From the moment I saw her I knew she would be my downfall, for how can something that shines so bright not burn? Yet, she is my salvation and I gladly walk the path that I have chosen…. Rose – I cringe at my own shadow; dark corners of my mind forever torment me. I have yet to escape from my demons; they beseech me with every turn of my head. Yet lurking is a promise, a promise of things to come. It has my heart in a vice; squeezing the last dregs of a love I never thought I could feel again. From the moment I saw him I knew he would be my downfall, for how can something that smoulders so dark not singe? Yet, he is my redemption and I gladly walk the path that I have chosen…. “Thou shalt always protect the family.”
Loyalty doesn't come much richer than family so when Lee Young decides to hang up his gun and head north he sets in motion a chain of events that cause murder and mayhem with every step closer he takes to walking. When two worlds collide, it forces Rose to meet her demons head on and has Lee frantically trying to keep both Rose and her daughter safe. The road they travel together will be their greatest challenge and their most dangerous yet. With so much to lose but everything to gain, Lee and Rose become embroiled in a game of cat and mouse as they try to confront the threats surrounding them. Running to keep one step ahead of everyone else, can these lovers climb out of the dark that they find themselves in and bathe in the light their love promises before the fire burns to embers and their world is snuffed to smoke?

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Author Bio

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I was brought up in Manchester and I am now living in the beautiful Scottish borders with my three children.
I have enjoyed writing my story as I had a pretty hard upbringing and have suffered like everyone does over the years in different situations, but everyone has a story to tell.
I just hope my story can help someone out there who is, or has been through the same sorts of situations as myself.

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Book One
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Shameless #1

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