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Midnight Moonrising by K.S. Haigwood & Anne Conley

Series: Moonrising #1 Genre: Paranormal Romance Publication Date: July 31, 2015 BUY NOW AMAZON US / UK / CA / AU


Mena wants the Master Vampire of Montgomery, Alabama, but the wolf inside her wants the human homicide detective working the case of the man she murdered. Mena's life is complicated. She's just murdered and buried her husband, the local wolf pack's alpha - problem number one. Phoenix, the High Vampire, is the one her heart beats for, but not the one her wolf wants - problem number two. Her wolf pines for Alex, the human homicide detective who might just send her down for murder - three. Four, wolves and vampires don't mix. Five, she has no clue how to be alpha, keep her pack safe while fighting off challengers with every step she takes, or what it would take to tame her wolf, which is the biggest problem of them all. Because the beast might just forfeit Mena's life when its insatiable thirst for blood is unleashed on the world in just a few short days, with the next full moon. Which should be doable. Except for the Nexus... and the little extra problem of bonding with a stranger.


Stopping outside the door of Phoenix's chamber, he tried to calm down, but the longer he thought about what had almost happened, the more he wanted to kill that fucking wolf. Deciding that bonding with his Alpha and taking her away from him for good would be a worse punishment than killing the poor bastard, Ace met the master vampire's eyes when he walked out into the corridor. "Lead the way. I'll be gone before nightfall." "I apologize—" Phoenix started, but Ace held up his hand to stop him. "Where is she?" Phoenix nodded once, and then led the way down the long hallway. Ace's pride fell into step behind him, and the others in Mena's pack and the other vampire followed after them. Phoenix stopped before a door then turned to look at Ace before opening it. "How are you going to do this?" Ace shrugged. "I've never bonded with anyone. The Alpha in me will know what to do once I get near her." "Can we watch?" Heath said. Ace shrugged again, and then reached out for the door handle. "Do what you want, just don't try to stop anything from happening once I get in there with her. It may get rough. I'll have to mind-rape her in order for my soul to connect with hers. I'm guessing she won't consent to this on her own. If Mena has any control over her at all, maybe she can hold her back until I get in." Ace pushed his way into the holding room, and instantly felt the power wash over him from the other Alpha. He immediately felt drawn to her, nothing he had ever experienced before with any other Alphas. He walked slowly toward the cell holding her, his amber eyes locking on a pair of silver wolf eyes. She bared her teeth and let out a low growl. He could still refuse to do this; nobody was forcing him to save her. He could kill her instead. Of course, he wouldn't be able to take over her pack. The remaining survivors would have to fight over the position of Alpha, since two vampires and three of her pack would take their last breath the same time she did. That was something he'd found out all on his own before coming here, but after that stunt Peanut had just tried to pull, he was almost determined to make sure they all died. He contemplated his options as he ripped off his sneakers and pulled the t-shirt over his head. Taking in a deep breath and letting it out in a rush, he unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans then pushed them to his ankles. Stepping out of the denim, he turned and gave a nod toward the cage door. "Let's do this." Phoenix pushed the silver key in the lock and turned it. He met the wolf's eyes, and whispered, "Come back to me, Mena." He pulled the door open, and the wolf lunged for the opening, but Ace was quick to shift, and his lion form knocked her back inside, rolling over the cement flooring with her until they reached the other side and the door was secure again. Her claws and teeth sank into his flesh, but the adrenaline pumping through his system blocked any pain he may have felt otherwise. He knocked her off him and they began to circle each other. As if his soul knew the reason he was here, a heavy pressure settled in the center of his chest, and then began to burn unnaturally. "Let me in, bitch! This shit's starting to hurt." She jumped on him, knocking him off balance, but his paws clung to her back and he rolled them across the floor again, stopping with her on the bottom. His jowls parted and his teeth clamped down on her throat, causing her to howl in pain. Ace vaguely heard screams from the others, but he knew he had to keep his full attention on her; getting distracted could cost him his life, and that wasn't something he was willing to give up for anything or anyone. She squirmed under him, still trying to fight him off, but he could tell she was growing weaker. His jaw clamped down tighter, and he finally forced his way into her mind. The bonding had started. His soul had found hers. He was in. Images of Mena's past flashed through his mind so fast that he couldn't tell when one ended and another started, but he saw them all, every memory, all the heartache and happiness the human had endured in her short life, and he knew that she was experiencing the same from him. The feeling was surreal and unexplainable, but it felt right; he felt her power and his collide and weld together, infusing and tangling until it was one solid unbreakable force. As if two worlds collided, wolf and lion, their auras joined, co-mingled, until they blended together to form one entity. Ace patiently waited for the wolf's thoughts and memories to come to him, and after they did, he smiled to himself when he discovered her name. He wasn't prepared for what happened next, though. Nothing could have ever prepared him for it, not even if someone had told him it was going to happen. Feelings and emotions that he had never known or felt before swept through him. A foreignness coursed through his veins, but it was welcome, exotic almost. The femininity of the emotions leant a softness to their edges, even in their rawness. He hated them and clung to their power over him at the same time. Nothing had ever been worse or better. It was like night and day, fire and ice, wind and water. It was Ace and Andromeda. Two parts to a whole, something he had no idea he needed, until now. Why had he never realized he needed this? For the first time in his existence, he finally found someone he was willing to give up his life for. She was his… his Andromeda. When he felt the claws in his back retract, he began to shift back to his human form. As he opened his eyes, beautiful pale-green ones stared back at him. "Andromeda," he whispered. "I am yours." She smiled weakly. His heart melted. She threw her head back and screamed at the top of her lungs, "Andromeda! My wolf's name is Andromeda!" "Mena!" the asshole who'd tried to assassinate him earlier shouted, and a growl vibrated out of Ace's throat as his head shot around to glare at the guy. If Peanut thought he still had any chance with Andra, Ace was definitely up for the challenge now. "Get Rhodes out of here!" Phoenix said. "No—" Alex started, but Roel got in his face and backed him against a wall as he whispered something so low even Ace couldn't make it out, but he guessed it was good advice, because Peanut stopped resisting, and then stormed out of the room without another word. "Mena?" Phoenix said in a quiet voice. "I can't talk to anybody right now, Ace," Andra said through his thoughts. "Please, just get me out of here. Tell them I will talk to them after I have rested. I am so tired." Ace got to his feet, then picked her up in his arms and walked to the cage door. Phoenix unlocked the door and opened it for him. He met the vampire's gaze as Andra turned her face into his chest, hiding her eyes from their company. "She said she will talk to everyone after she has rested. We will be in my room." With that, he walked out of the cage and carried her upstairs. 

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Don’t the prequel to Midnight Moonrising!

Render of Imaginary Planet with Atmosphere 

Accepting the Moon by K.S. Haigwood

Series: Moonrising #0.5 Genre: Paranormal Romance Publication Date: September 1, 2014
BUY NOW Amazon US | UK B&N | Kobo | Smashwords
There is a new Alpha Wolf in town, and she is about to change everything. Mena had all she wanted in life: a nice house, money, a successful husband who treated her like a queen. That was, until she found out her marriage was all a lie, and things she never thought could exist, did. Vampires are real. Werewolves are real. And Mena is not human anymore.

me5 [1546198]K.S. Haigwood

Far from crazy, but equally as far from normal. There are voices in her head and she talks to them often. She works as a CNC Machinist by day and saves the world by night and weekend. Welcome to her world.

Anne1 [1546199]Anne Conley

Romance author of Pierce Securities Series, a bunch of misfits who band together to solve crimes and protect the weak.

Release Blitz Sentenced by L.L. Collins + Giveaway $25 Amazon gift card, 2 signed paperbacks of Sentenced (US only) and 2 Sentenced swag packs (US only) (5 winners)

Title: Sentenced
Author: L.L. Collins
Genre: Contemporary Romance/Erotic Romance
 Release Date: November 2, 2015


THE BAD BOY: I’m Johnny. An ex-con with a bad attitude and a controlling demeanor that somehow made the women flock to my bed but never my heart. It was unavailable for possession.

THE TEMPTATION: She was just supposed to be a two day hookup. But one taste of her and I knew I was in danger of never getting enough. She has her own demons to contend with, and dealing with my own was hard enough. I won’t allow temptation to take control of me.

THE SENTENCE: I'd given myself a life sentence a long time ago, and she made me want things I wouldn't allow myself to have. Giving into it just might destroy us both.

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“I’m going to have her before they leave,” I said presumptuously.

I felt Cal looking at me. “Oh, boy.”


“You haven’t read much about her, have you?”

That caught my attention. “What does that mean? Is she a lesbian or something?” That would abso-fucking-lutely kill me.

He cackled. “No, bro. She’s a ball buster, man. No one gives that woman shit. She has quite a reputation. She’s respected as hell, but no one crosses her.”

I scoffed. “We’ll see about that.” After all, she was a hot woman. She had to be used to being hit on. And she’d want to be hit on by me. Plus, I didn’t want anything from her other than her body. The nice part was, she was traveling after this. Maybe she’d end up in the Denver area or back here in Florida, and we could hook up again.

Cal whistled. “I want to be around when she cuts off your balls and shoves them in your mouth.”

I rolled my eyes. “She can’t be that bad. Look at her. She’s probably a hundred and twenty pounds soaking wet.”

“Don’t say I didn’t warn you,” Cal said. “I’m going to grab some more beer from the back.”

“Need help?” I didn’t say it convincingly, and he knew it.

“Nope. You stay here and daydream. That’s about all you’re going to get.”

“You watch and see,” I said. “She’ll come to me.”

Author Bio

L.L. Collins loves spending her days in the Florida sun with her husband and two boys, reading, and writing. LL has been writing since she was old enough to write. Always a story in her head, she finally decided to let the characters out made her lifelong dream of becoming an author come true in the self-publishing world. She's the author of the Living Again Series and the Twisted Series, plus a new standalone, Back to the Drawing Board. Visit LL on her website, and on all social media. Look for more of her emotionally charged novels soon!

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Release Blitz - Falling For Crazy (Moroad MC #5) by Debra Kayn + $25 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway !

Title: Falling For Crazy
Series: Moroad MC #5
Author: Debra Kayn
Genre: Adult, Motorcycle Club Romance
Published: November 2, 2015
The bestselling Moroad Motorcycle Club series continues with a standalone novel...

As a member of the Moroad Motorcycle Club, Jacko has been called a lot of things.




Jacko owns the odd behavior, the detachment, the recklessness he's earned from his years locked away in the Idaho State Penitentiary. His desperate hold on seeking revenge on the remaining Reds and Los Li members responsible for killing Sarah keep him looking straight ahead, and to the sides. He only needs to kill two more men, and then he'll gladly walk back into prison to spend his days in solitary.

Burned out of her house and homeless for two weeks, Amy O'Harris searches from the shadows in the Silver Valley for Jacko— the only man who can help her stay safe. When Jacko saves her as she runs away from danger, her relief is short-lived. The change in Jacko's personality frightens her. He's no longer the silent, smart, easy-going biker she remembers loving her sister, Sarah. Jacko's damaged behavior screams out for her to stay with him, until she questions her own sanity and doubts every word out of Jacko's mouth.

Best Selling Romance Author, Debra Kayn lives with her family at the foot of the Bitterroot Mountains in beautiful Northern Idaho. She enjoys riding motorcycles, playing tennis, fishing, photography, and creating chaos for the men in the garage.

When Debra was nineteen years old, a man kissed her without introducing himself. When they finally came up for air, the first words out of his mouth were...will you have my babies? Considering Debra's weakness for a sexy, badass man, who is strong enough to survive her attitude, she said yes. A quick wedding at the House of Amour and four babies later, she's living her own unbelievable romance book.
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Sale Blitz LOVE DIES HARD by C.C. Cartwright

ldh sal
Title: Love Dies Hard (Billionaire Romance, #1)
Author: C.C. Cartwright
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: May 17, 2015
My name is Marcus Hunter. My family owns Hunter Investments, a billion dollar hedge fund. I admit it, I’m a total womanizer. A player, a serial seducer, call me what you like. I enjoy a variety of women and I don't do love. I work hard, and I play even harder. I rarely dip into the office pool, that was until I became intrigued with Sophie Shawn. Sophie's a high flying money manager like myself and we’ve had to work closely together. Sophie's my equal. She's smart, sharp-witted and of course she has to be sexy as hell. The way she shakes her little ass in her tight short skirts has me wanting to bury myself deep inside her. We’re enjoying a drink together after work. She doesn’t know it yet, but I’m going to bed her tonight. I want those red lips wrapped around me and I want to hear her beneath me begging for more. When I’m done with her she won’t be able to utter a coherent word. Little did I know, I was the one in for a surprise from Miss Sophie Shawn. Don't miss this hot read! This is Book 1 of the Hard to Love Series. Readers should be 18+ due to adult content.
“Strip,” she commands as she rolls over to turn on her iPod player. I do as she says; this girl is stealing all of my lines. Unbelievable. I strip down to my tight black briefs and climb on top of her and my lips crash down onto those ruby red lips of hers that I can’t wait to have wrapped around me. She curls her legs around me tight and her fingernails dig into my back as her breasts heave into my chest. “Oh Marcus,” she cries out, writhing beneath my touch. I’m going to show her who’s boss in the bedroom. I love the sound of her voice crying out my name, I want to hear her begging for more. “What do you want, Sophie?” I taunt.
About The Author
My passions lie in reading and writing sexy contemporary romance novels. I love writing in the genre I love to read. Personal experiences are often the inspiration for my sexy romances, so you will find a little bit of me in every story I pen. I will leave you to guess which parts are true and which parts are fiction! Listening to my favorite music while writing inspires me to create my characters and makes their love stories come alive. I believe in writing about heroines who are strong, smart, sassy, sexy and have a sense of humor. I cherish my family and am a hopeless romantic. I believe in finding your happily-ever-after and that each day is for living, loving and laughing. Website | Facebook
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Excerpt Reveal - Denial by Lisa Renee Jones + Giveaway

denial excerpt.jpg
denial pre-order.jpg
Meet Kayden in Book one in the CARELESS WHISPERS series. This is a standalone spin-off of the INSIDE OUT series (soon to be a TV show) that follows Ella Ferguson,  Sara McMillan's best friend.  #SayyestoKayden
Now available for Pre-order!
Barnes & Noble:

From New York Times bestselling author Lisa Renee Jones, the first book in the CARELESS WHISPERS series.

Please note: This is the standalone spinoff of the INSIDE OUT series. New readers can enjoy this without reading INSIDE OUT but those who love INSIDE OUT will FINALLY find out what happened to Ella!

Ella Ferguson awakes alone in Italy, unsure of who she is, and a gorgeous man has claimed her as his own. He's tall, dark, and sexy, with money and power, the kind of man who makes a girl want to be possessed. And he does possess her, whispering wicked wonderful promises to her, stealing her trust and her heart. Soon though, the past finds her, yanking her from a cocoon of passion and safety. Everything is not how it seems. The truth will shatter her world, but it can set her free, if it doesn't destroy her first.

denial teaser 4.jpg

Read Chapter one on Lisa’s website here:

denial teaser 5.jpg

Excerpt (Steamy)
His hand slides to my back and he leans me toward the table, forcing me to catch myself on my elbows. He holds me there, his body cradling mine, his lips a breath from a touch. “I won’t let you fall.”
“I know,” I say, and I do now. Beyond time and reason, I trust this man.
His mouth brushes mine and then trails down my jaw, slowly teasing a path to my ear, where he whispers, “I’m not going to claim to own you the way he did.” He flattens his hands on my belly, possessiveness in the touch. “I’m just going to make you wish I did.”
My lips part with the erotic promise, and he is already kissing me, licking into my mouth, his tongue a sultry, seductive promise that he can make good on his vow. And while I do not wish anyone to own me again, I want what he offers in a way that defies reason.
He nips my lips and licks away the sweet ache, and somehow I feel that lick between my thighs where I am already wet and aching. His whiskers rasp on my cheek, down my neck to my shoulder, a wicked burn that is torment and pleasure at the same time. Like he is. His hands settle on my waist, lingering there, teasing me with all the places they could go, until finally he is caressing my body, up and down, a slow, sexy, torturous exploration.
He pinches my nipples again and he is not gentle, but I do not seem to want gentle. My sex clenches and my knees crush his hips. His lips curve to a small, satisfied smile that is wickedly sexy, and rawly male. He leans in and licks one of my throbbing nipples, sending a shiver down my spine, and I arch upward, the table biting into my elbows, but I do not care. He is sucking me, dragging deep on the knotted peak, and pleasure tingles through my nerve endings, my sex, forcing my legs to squeeze his hips again.
My arms tremble with my weight and he responds without me asking, moving closer and laying me on top of the table. My spine flattens on the hard surface and he lingers above me. “I want more.”
“More what?”
“Everything,” he says, his lips nuzzling my ear as he repeats, “Everything, Ella. Can I have it?”
The question affects me, but not as much as the way he waits, genuinely seeking my approval. He takes power but somehow gives it to me as well, and this is freedom to me, safety. Things I do not think I have often felt in my life. “Yes,” I whisper. “Yes.”
He inhales as if my approval surprises and pleases him, as if it is a gift he relishes, not a property he owns. And it is then that I give myself the freedom to just let go, the muscles in my body easing in ways they hadn’t before. I do give him everything. His mouth caresses mine and he whispers, “That’s what I wanted,” as if he knows I’ve made that decision.
And already his lips are traveling down my neck, tongue flicking here and there, his hand caressing, squeezing my breast. He assaults my senses with pleasure, touching me, kissing me, driving away my memories and enemies. His whiskers rasp my belly, his lips pressing to the center, his tongue flickering into my navel, and I tremble with the silent promise it will soon be where I want it to be. His hand flattens over my sex, inches lower until he is flicking my clit, back and forth, back and forth.
He lifts my legs to his shoulders, spreading me wide, and I am vulnerably his, and aroused beyond belief. He lowers his head, his breath a warm tease on my sensitive places, and I grip the edge of the table, bracing myself for what is to come. He laps at my nub, the barely there touch, and I am breathing hard, wishing I could touch him, incapable of moving, and the muscles of my sex clench so tightly it hurts.
He licks my clit and I am both relieved and on edge in the same moment, ready for more, for that everything he has promised me. Another lick follows. Yes, please, more, I think, and as if he’s heard my silent plea, he gives it to me. His hands slide beneath my backside and he lifts me to his mouth, and it is nothing shy of sweet bliss when his mouth closes down around me. He sucks, drawing deeply on my sensitive flesh, lapping at me, licking me again in all the right ways and right places. I am panting and moaning, and I barely recognize the sounds as my own. Sensations ripple through me and when his fingers slide inside me, I am undone, tumbling into orgasm. The intensity jerks my body and I lose all time and space. It’s escape, sweet, blissful escape, and he keeps me there, slowly bringing me down, the licks of his tongue growing softer, slower. Until I am sated, limp, and he pulls me back onto his lap, my head resting on his shoulder, his hand flattening between my shoulder blades.
“Everything or nothing,” he whispers, and this time, I do not believe he is talking about orgasms and pleasure.
I lean back to look at him, and the idea of what we are becoming is a sweet seduction, threatened by the emptiness of my past. “What if everything is too much?”
He drags two fingers down my cheek. “Sweetheart, I don’t have a ceiling. We’re going to find out if you do.”
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For More information on The Inside Out series page including: buy links, and excerpts for the previous two and also upcoming releases.  Visit Lisa’s website here:

About the Author:
lisa renee jones.jpg
New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author Lisa Renee Jones is the author of the highly acclaimed INSIDE OUT SERIES, and is now in development by Suzanne Todd (Alice in Wonderland) for cable TV. In addition, her Tall, Dark and Deadly series and The Secret Life of Amy Bensen series, both spent several months on a combination of the NY Times and USA Today lists.

Watch the video on casting for the INSIDE TV Show HERE

Since beginning her publishing career in 2007, Lisa has published more than 40 books translated around the world. Booklist says that Jones suspense truly sizzles with an energy similar to FBI tales with a paranormal twist by Julie Garwood or Suzanne Brockmann.

Prior to publishing, Lisa owned multi-state staffing agency that was recognized many times by The Austin Business Journal and also praised by Dallas Women Magazine. In 1998 LRJ was listed as the #7 growing women owned business in Entrepreneur Magazine.

Lisa loves to hear from her readers. You can reach her at on her website and she is active on twitter and facebook daily.

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Pre-order Denial and enter to win a CARELESS WHISPERS mug and you will also receive as bonus, exclusive scenes that re-visit Sara and Chris from INSIDE OUT and an ALSO an early look at Lisa's new series DIRTY MONEY.