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Blog Tour Enough Time by Alexis Riddley

Title: Enough Time: Truth.Redemption.Trust
Author: Alexis Riddley
Genre: Dark Erotic Thriller
Alexis's Muse: Marshall Arkley
Cover Designer: Tiffany Huegele
Release Date: October 13, 2015

I was raw, exposed like a nerve with no protection from the present, nor the horror of my past. Winston West was a man I no longer knew. He was an illusion, an enigma of a life that I once led. So how was I alive? Oxygen was inhaled, life sustained, but I was dead inside. Such a cliche.
To the outside world I was strong, confident, determined. But when you got close, and really looked at the man in front of you, that’s when the ugly showed itself. The demons of my past played over and over in my head. I saw the world through jaded eyes.
Life with Charlie was bright, vibrant. Moments and memories existed in technicolor. That was gone. An epic sequence of events which ended in a collision of fantasy and reality. I couldn’t even say her name; that was too real, too painful. I had made her a vow, a promise and I was struggling to keep it. No more lies, no more secrets.
I thought the sins of the past were buried deep. That they would never resurface. I was dead wrong. One phone call, one insignificant event in a life so off course, begins to shatter what sanity I had left.
I was prepared to give up. Chalk my life up to a mistake of biblical proportions when she appears. I didn’t want to like her, let alone need her. Funny thing is, I wasn’t the only one harboring secrets. Could I become the person I needed to be, that she deserved? Was I even worthy of redemption?
What she offered to me was something I never thought I deserved.

The twists keep coming. What can I say about this book but OMG! If you have read book 1 then get ready for another emotional roller coaster journey full of twists, turns, setbacks, achievements, and forgiveness. Enough Time is a very emotional second chances love story with a bit of darkness. The end of book 1 "Enough Secrets" completely wrecked me. So I was so happy for a continuation to Winston's story. I was really impressed with the plot and how well written this story is... 

They say time heals all wounds that every day it gets easier and easier, and eventually you would get over her. Well, whoever said that could kiss my ass. You never get over a love like ours, and it hadn’t gotten any easier. 

I felt so emotionally invested in Winston my heart was crying for him. Winston West life has unraveled in the worst ways. He is merely existing. He has lost everything. His wife, his business, all from the hands of who he thought was his best friend. 

All the years I was afraid of the pain letting go of the past might bring. But this, this moment of helplessness and loss...this was true pain. Before I was scared, now I was lost. 

I absolutely adored Kacie Reese, she is bold, smart, funny and beautiful. She challenges Winston at every turn, but he keeps pushing her away. 

This has been an truly amazing read. 

It's always so exciting for me to discover a new author to add to my list of favorites and Alexis Riddley is definitely one of them. 

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Alexis Riddley spends her day’s knee deep in the grind of corporate America, but her love of reading is what pushed her to put pen to paper. Bringing to life the stories that once existed only in her head.   Alexis loves the outdoors, adventures, and music. Oftentimes music is the catalyst or the trigger for memories, and emotions that she uses in her writing. Alexis rarely watches television, but is a total comic book freak, superheroes, the whole lot of them. She is obsessed. Alexis is willing to try anything, at least once, as long as it keeps the soul free and the mind open. She is a kid at heart who refuses to let age define her and limitations contain her. Alexis is a romantic, with a twisted mind and sexy imagination. She still believes that happy endings exist, just that sometimes they do not come in the pretty packaging you may have expected.

Title: Enough Secrets: Lies.Lust.Deceit
Author: Alexis Riddley
Genre: Dark Erotic Thriller

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