Wednesday, November 18, 2015

BLOG TOUR The Kiss by Erica M Christensen

**Mature Content Warning** Recommended for ages 17+ due to language and some sexual content.
Twenty-four year old Addison Allmon went from Jimmy Choo shoes to Cowgirl Boots in just a matter of a couple weeks. She had the life she’d always wanted, until it was all ripped away…. Addison lost her license due to drinking and driving, got laid off from her awesome marketing job at the hottest company in Southern Florida, and lost her fiancé Carlos to the pool boy. The year is coming to a horrible end and she’s forced to move back to her hometown of Norton, IA and live with her mother. While back home, Addison runs into her old best friend Stephen. Out of nowhere, sparks begin to fly, and things between them start to heat up. The only problem is… Stephen is engaged. Addison decides the best way to drown her sorrows is in alcohol. So she heads out on the town by herself for New Year’s Eve. Lucas, a sexy tattooed man, catches Addison’s eye. They dance, make jokes, and even make a playful bet that Addison accepts thinking all will be forgotten by morning—thanks to a night of heavy drinking. Will Addison find new love with Lucas? Or will she find a way to win Stephen over once and for all?


“Addison, my dear, take a seat.” My boss, Shelly Lewis, says while clicking her obnoxiously long hot pink acrylic nails onto her keyboard. I can’t understand how people can willingly get fake nails that are four inches long. It’s just so gross to me. Shelly scoots back in her leopard print leather swivel chair and clasps her hands together. This is going to be really good or really bad.
“I just wanted to let you know that you’re one of the best employees that we’ve ever had here...” Hell yes! I knew it! It’s going to be really good. Hopefully this means bitch face Brittany is getting canned finally and I’m getting promoted to the Marketing Director, but if not, at least a raise that’s more than a damn nickel would be fantastic.
“...I’m truly sorry to tell you this...” Wait, what? That definitely escalated quickly. “...Unfortunately we have to cut back on staff due to the economy, and as a result, your position is the first to be eliminated. There aren’t any open positions available for you at this time, but I will contact you as soon as something opens up.” My heart stops, and my smile quickly fades.
“I’m sorry, Addison, I’m so very sad to see you go. But on a brighter note, you’re young and you’ll find something easily!” Shelly gives me a warm smile, pulls a tissue out of her fancy leopard print covered tissue box, and hands it to me.
Is this real life? I’m being laid off from my job two weeks before Christmas? This has to be some sort of fucking joke.
“Well, thank you for giving me this amazing opportunity. I loved working with you, Shelly, and everyone else here.” Tears start to fill my eyes. I grab the tissue from her, pull a few more out of the fancy box and walk out of her office. Merry fucking Christmas to me. I grab my cell and call my fiancé, Carlos.
“Carlos, baby! Can you come pick me up from work, I have some terrible news.” I sob uncontrollably. Carlos has to come and pick me up because I got my license taken away last weekend for driving under the influence. This year is obviously ending well; I just pray this isn’t an indication of what the New Year has in store for me.
“Uh yeah, I’m kinda tied up with something right now. I, uh, I’ll be there in...ugh—” he pants and grunts. I can hear muffled moaning in the background, like sexual moans, but it doesn’t sound like a female’s muffled moans.
“Carlos, what the fuck are you doing? Where are you?” I holler. I see a taxi coming up and wave it down. “I’m working out and I’m at home! I’ll be there in thirty minutes—chill!” he shouts back. None of this sounds right to me. For one, Carlos never seemed too busy for me when I called him before and he definitely never put working out before me. Two, he never fucking works out at home, he always goes to the gym.
I hand the taxi driver $200 for a five-mile drive so he’d hurry, and he did. I had him drop me off halfway down the block so Carlos wouldn’t hear a vehicle pull in. I slip out of my heels and power-walk into the house. I can still hear moaning, groaning, and manly screams. I storm up the white spiral stairs to our bedroom and find my fiancé face down, ass up, naked, while the pool boy plows him from behind. This is ludicrous!
Erica is the best selling author of Scattered Sheets and Word Vomit. She lives in the Heartland of America with her boyfriend and their two daughters; they are expecting a little boy in March. Erica has always had a love for the written word and creating stories. She's tried to give up writing to focus on getting a college degree to land a better job for her family, but her passion just wouldn't let her. After some unfortunate events, Erica decided it was time to take the plunge and go after something she thought she could only dream of. She combined her education (what she had under her belt) along with her passion and experiences, and founded Fifth Ink Publishing, LLC this Fall.
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