Saturday, March 26, 2016

Mr. & Mrs. RUSH by Angela March


Mr. & Mrs. RUSH by Angela March


Clover Bower thought she’d married the perfect man. Rhys Bower was her entire world. Smart, handsome, strong and wanted the beige suburban life. The perfect house filled with the sounds of children. She vowed to never deny her husband of anything. Clover never imagined that he would stretch her boundaries beyond anything she could’ve ever imagined. She would adjust, then re-adjust after each stretch of her comfort zone, never wanting to disappoint her beloved. We are the beige nondescript couple in our real lives, but in the community of voyeurs’ and exhibitionist’s … we are rock stars. How far could she let his fetishes go before she couldn’t go on? What’s the limit before your spirit breaks? When you can’t fulfill your partner in every way a wife can, do you stay and fight for your marriage? At what point do you take back your personal boundaries, walk away and not look back even after the damage is done? Not all love stories span across time, some love stories burn hot, burning out fast, leaving embedded emotional scars from fanning the flame.
Sliding one thin strap off my shoulder then the other. My dress falling effortlessly to the floor. Stepping out of my dress, kicking it off to the side. “Now the panties, slow, keep your ass high.” I do as he asks. I slide my underwear off, keeping my legs straight, my ass high. “Turn around, face the glass. Now spread yourself for me…” I hesitate before doing as I’m told.

Looking over my shoulder out of the window, “Rhys… people can see me…” my voice soft, trembling with uncertainty.

I watch him take the three steps to me, “Exactly, yet, they don’t know who you are nor do they care.” He whispers close to my ear; he turns my face to look out at the building across the street from our hotel. “Let them appreciate your beautiful body, let them enjoy the way I’m going to fuck you,” He says as he softly kisses my cheek, “We are two nameless faces. We can’t do this at home… now spread yourself for your husband.”

I know he’s right, and if doing this makes him happy then who am I to tell him no.

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