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RELEASE DAY BLITZ Dirty Desire by Author M. Dauphin @AuthorMDauphin

Dirty Desire by Author M. Dauphin
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Harper Stills is making it. She's paying the bills, she's enjoying her time as a young adult, and she has the best friend of all best friends. When he moves out of their shared apartment and moves in a stranger, Harper's one rule of 'no sex with the roommate' gets put to the test. 
Knox Gregory is a man on a mission. A one track mind leads him to rooming with one of the sexiest women he's ever met... but not under the right circumstances. He's not allowed to fall for her, not in his plan, at least. 
Sometimes things you plan for get shattered, though, and in the wake of it so does a lot more. 
"All it took was one decision to ruin my life." 
*18+ for sexual situations and language* 
*Stand alone, no cliffhanger!* 

“Hi, I’m Harper,” I say, smiling, inwardly cringing because I’m fairly certain I didn’t put on deodorant this morning either. What a way to meet, huh? Plunger hands, sweaty face, frizzy hair and BO.
“Knox,” he says, his hand enveloping mine in a warm embrace. I’m so drawn to him and his gaze I don’t hear Leigh start talking until he nudges me.
“Wow,” he chuckles and nods at Knox. “Told ya,” he says, winking and walking back into the moving truck.
“Told me… what?” I’m so confused and even more so as to why this Knox man won’t take his eyes off me.
I don’t mind it at all, but I know I’m a hot fucking mess. This isn’t a great first impression.
“So,” Knox says as I stare at the moving truck, waiting for Leigh to elaborate on his earlier comment.
What did he tell me?
I turn to look back at Knox and immediately grin. Dear lord, he’s good looking. I really want to see what’s under that shirt though.
And those jeans.
“Sorry… he’s just… weird.” I can’t find words right now. Not appropriate ones anyway. There’s so much I’d like to say to the man standing in front of me, but they all start off with ‘let’s fuck’ and I’m sure Leigh wouldn’t like me screwing one of his friends again. I’ve only tried it once, and good god he was mad after it.
“I know, he’s crazy. I bet you’re going to miss him.” He smiles at me and a slight grin comes to his face.
“Yeah. A shit ton. Did he tell you who he’s moving in with me? A damn stranger. I could be murdered in my sleep and Leigh wouldn’t even know about it because he won’t be here.” I furrow my brows again and try to shake off the anger that I’m letting him do this. He gave me three weeks’ notice so I really haven’t had any time to find anyone else, but as soon as this new roommate is out, you better believe I’ll be finding a place I can call my own with no one else to rely on for rent.
“I wouldn’t ever kill you, don’t worry.” My eyes whip to Knox and he grins then winks before walking over to the trailer. “Hey, Leigh man, I gotta get moving. I’ll see ya in a few.” With my mouth gaping, he walks by and stops. “I’ll see ya later, Harper. I think we’ll make just fine roommates.” The wink he throws my way as he slides into his car makes my panties practically melt off into a puddle on the ground.
That’s my new roommate?
I watch him walk away and can’t shake the giddy feeling I’m getting. I have a rule of no roommate sex, but that’s always been easy because I’ve always roomed with girls or Leigh, and he’d never touch anything that doesn’t have a dick. I’ve never actually been in a situation like this, how bad would it be to fuck your roommate?
Probably pretty bad. 

About The Author
M. Dauphin hates writing about herself, so here's the basics you need to know. Coffee is always a way to win her over, so are images of hot men and buying her a house keeper (this one has yet to happen but she's holding out hope). Just bring her coffee. She likes her books on the steamy and twisted side but needs a good 'swoon' book every now and then. She writes a plethora of steam levels and loves writing more when her co-author is involved and they are making book babies together. She has two small ninjas at home and a large ninja that likes bacon. 
And that's it. Check her out at to learn more (maybe). 
;) <3
Oh. She also thinks you are pretty freaking awesome, too. 

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