Thursday, March 9, 2017

RELEASE / REVIEW BLITZ - Immure Diaries Part II by @HQ_Frost

Immure Diaries Part II
By HQ Frost

Cold, collected, crazy. He’s a Death Dealer to the scared. A master to the envious. And a ticking time bomb to the sane. 
Lost, living, lusting. She’s fighting for sanity anymore. Finding a new life directed by a dangerous man holding her heart. But her fragile heart breaks every time he walks away.
He’s a devil in disguise, but she likes things hot, and he’s going to be the death of her. If he doesn’t end up dead first.

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Excellent Read 

I love it when an author makes me feel things I don't want to and leaving you For3ver marked by their words. HQ Frost's ability to not only develop the personality of the characters, but to also build a wonderful plot, led me to devour this book. Everything flows naturally, plot, character development, and timing all of it. Gripping, intense, detailed and incredibly sexy, Malcolm and Akela constantly kept me intrigued.

I would recommend this read to anyone who loves a great story, amazing characters and plenty of heat. It's an exciting roller coaster ride that leaves you wanting more. 

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Immure Diaries-Part I 
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